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Registration for SINSA2020 is now open!



SINSA offers eight courses, each taught by two distinguished instructors. Participants can design a program suited to their interests, by registering for any one course, or select up to four courses (one per session).  Courses run all day Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday morning OR Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday/Friday. 


We encourage you to stay the full two weeks to get the most out of the experience, which will be replete with collaboration opportunities, social events and special activities organized in the evenings and weekends. For early career scholars, there will be a SYNS (Society of Young Network Science Scholars) event over the weekend, June 27-28, to be held at the Network Science Institute. Collaboration spaces will also be made available for anyone looking to host a pop-up evening or weekend session. Don’t miss this exciting event. 


Travel award opportunities will be announced April 1st. Subscribe to our newsletter and you will receive this announcement directly.


Schedule of Courses


Session 1: June 22-June 24

Track 1: Network Science Principles (Baruch Barzel & Albert-László Barabási)

Track 2: Social Networks Theories & Methods (Alina Lungeanu & Noshir Contractor)


Session 2: June 24-June 26 

Track 1: Network Processes and Dynamics (Alessandro Vespignani & Yamir Moreno)

Track 2: Biological Networks (Tijana Milenkovic & Trey Ideker)


Session 3: June 29-July 1

Track 1: Community Structures (Tiago Peixoto & Santo Fortunato)

Track 2: Machine Learning in Networks (Bruno Ribeiro & Jure Leskovec)


Session 4:  July 1-July 3 

Track 1: Network Geometry (Dima Krioukov & M. Ángeles Serrano)

Track 2: Network Neuroscience (Olaf Sporns & Petra Vértes)


As a reminder, you can expect the following cost structure:

1 Course: $500

2 Courses: $1,000

3 Courses: $1,300

4 Courses: $1,600


Register now!



A few lodging options are listed on the website. Good deals on AirBnB will book up quickly, so we recommend planning early.  Additionally, we’ve created a SINSA2020 Slack Workspace for those looking to share accommodations with other attendees. Fill out this form to join the SINSA 2020 Slack  channel.


Be sure to follow @SINSA2020 on Twitter. You can always contact us with questions. 




The SINSA2020 team

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