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Dear Networkers,

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Networks and Cultures

Abstract. Cultures differ from each other. They emerge in different social
contexts and situations and are constantly (re)constituted, with the
possibility of the emergence of new pattern. It can be shown empirically
that cultures are connected with networks.

In such structures, an established culture is conveyed and further
developed. Culture in this context refers primarily to everyday life:
practices, understanding of symbols, conventions, what people consider as
correct, what they like or do not like etc. How people behave can also be
described as (part of) culture.

Culture is developed in networks and in reverse, culture also influences how
networks are formed. Thus, both cultures and networks are interwoven. This
means that when we analyze social structures in networks, they are always
linked to cultural content. The perspective of culture leads to deeper
insights to network analysis because reasons for the formation and
maintenance of networks become visible.

For our session, we are interested in conceptual contributions to the
relationship between culture and networks, as well as in empirical and other
analyses of networks that focus on culture.


Hope to see you in Paris!

Christian + Iris 


Christian Stegbauer (Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany)

Iris Clemens (Bayreuth-University, Germany)





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