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With the February 21 UFIRST update, the requirement at time of proposal to comply with Public Health Service (PHS) and National Science Foundation (NSF) regulations concerning research and Significant Financial Interest (SFI) compliance will move from the DSP-05 PDF attachment to an activity within the UFIRST Smartform.


This activity will appear for Principal Investigators and Key Personnel automatically when the proposal is created with one of the above referenced sponsors. Similar to the PI Certify activity, the proposal will not move through the necessary workflow to the Core Office without the completion of this activity by all necessary personnel named on the proposal.


Faculty should be aware this activity will appear on your ‘My Activities’ list directly underneath the PI Certify activity and will replace the DSP-05 PDF attachment. Departmental administrators will have the ability to Send a Reminder, and will be able to see the form completion status on the proposal summary workspace in the Key Personnel table.


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DSP will manage any proposal in Core Office Review with the DSP-05 PDF already attached when the UFIRST update is applied on February 21.


Please email us at [log in to unmask] with any questions or concerns regarding this change. A more detailed email regarding the update will be forthcoming.  





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