Thanks to everyone for good work this week. I'm impressed at your ability to do these brain-taxing exercises (at least, they are for me) in the current climate.

There has been a bit of drift on one thing, so I'm writing to renew my request:  Please submit individual output (which everyone seems to be doing) in one document, and SHARED interpretation in a separate document.  The rationale is really for me to separate what you can do technically (individually) from what your thoughts are about the outcomes via group process.  I know it's clunky to separate them, but it helps me.

If your groups are having challenges working together via this format, please get in touch back-channel.

One other request -- sometimes (like yesterday's MPlus) the output can go on for what seems like 100 pages. It's a LOT to read, especially without highlights or any indication that you've spent any time isolating what is important.  I can generate my own output -- your job as the analyst is to distill it down to what is important.

With that in mind, if you can edit for relevance, I'd be really thankful!  Most people actually did, so you can talk to group members about what they considered to be essential output.

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