We need to get secure Zoom working. This makes sure that nobody can record you, and it makes the room FERPA compliant. It also means you'll be auto-joined to your previously assigned breakout rooms (when I open the rooms), rather than your having to sit there idle while I try to assign you.

Most/all of you are going to need to UNINSTALL your Zoom, and re-install the client and link it to your uf email via SSO. (It's not enough if you use your ufl address - it needs to be registered through UF SSO logon).

The easiest way is to uninstall, and then install via the UF route and SSO login.  The attached powerpoint shows how to do that for Windows (blue pages) and iOS (violet pages), and hopefully you can generalize to Apple computers and Android devices.

I will also post this in our Canvas at the top of Week 10.

Please get in touch with any concerns, Michael

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