So, as I think you all know, the virus is beginning to “wash up on shore” here at UF. Some UF students have tested positive, and the hospital facilities are increasingly seeing cases.  In the days and weeks to come, we’ll learn that some of us have had possible exposures, and probably some of us test positive.


The one silver lining in this is that MOST of you, should the worst happen, can expect a relatively good prognosis.  Still, on top of this, free flowing anxiety about others, family members, etc are undeniably distracting and difficult.


The purpose of this note is to say “please call on me for help if you need it”. If you’re not feeling well, and need extensions, please get in touch and we’ll figure out how much time you need. In the worst case, if you end up losing a week or two, that’s also not a problem. We’ll simply record your final grade as an “incomplete”, and make a contract for when you complete the outstanding work so that you can get credit.


If you just need extra help understanding the content because you’re not focusing well, get in touch. My job is to help you learn, and that’s not conditional on optimal conditions for learning. So, please reach out if you need it.


If there is any teachable moment from this pandemic specific to our classes, you’re seeing how important data and analyses are in social planning – and how devastating the absence of data can be.





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