​Some of you (mercifully few!) still have Zoom account setups that don't work with the breakout room auto-assignments I created. 

Dr. Heaton in my department created additional instructions on how you can check if your Zoom is right.  

The big issue is, once you are logged in, does it say you are LICENSED? If not ... log out and try again.  Second, when you click on the "i" icon, does it have PHI in your URL. (Students not from the Health Science campus may not have "phi", and that's probably okay ... but your zoom client should still be shown as LICENSED, and you should have uf in your personal URL (with our without the PHI).  ​If those checks don't work out, please follow the guidance in what I sent the other day, or in this pdf, to uninstall your zoom, and re-install using this LICENSED pathway. 

Thanks, M