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Sent: Tuesday, March 24, 2020 3:54 PM
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Subject: COVID-19 Updates 3/24/2020-Essential Animals/Mission-Critical Research
Importance: High

Dear researchers,

As stated in previous e-mails, you should be ending your current animal research experiments as soon as possible, not starting anything new and looking at maintaining only critical breeding lines.

Further, as follow up to Dr. Norton, Vice President for Research's (VPR) e-mail, you need to determine your ESSENTIAL animals and MISSION-CRITICAL research. NOTE: All MISSION-CRITICAL research will require written approval from the PI's Dean and VPR.

  *   ESSENTIAL animals are only those that are unique and irreplaceable. "Essential" is something that took years to generate, is something that simply cannot be replaced, or would leave you years behind if you cannot do it now.
  *   MISSION-CRITICAL research includes:
     *   COVID-19 research
     *   Urgent public health research recommended by NIH scientific leadership
     *   Work involving significant research investments that could be lost if not continued

If your animals are housed in an ACS managed area please identify your ESSENTIAL animals in the ACS facility by highlighting the barcode region of the cage card in PINK (see picture below). Throughout this challenging period, ACS is committed seeing all of our animals through this ordeal. Those marked ESSENTIAL will be our highest priority in preserving and protecting. Link to pictures of barcode in pink:
If your animals are housed in PI managed (Non-ACS) areas please begin identifying which animals are ESSENTIAL.

Thank you all for working with us during this challenging time.