Of note C&G is also operating remotely and fully operational.  We continue to set up awards, process budget reallocations, process subaward invoices, deposit payments, submit invoices and financial reports.  We remain available via telephone, e-mail, instant message, skype call or Zoom to answer questions or provide guidance and advice.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out.




Tiffany Casino Schmidt

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DSP services are currently all operating remotely.  We continue to process all proposals, agreements and awards. 


As you identify impacts to your active awards (reporting, changes in ongoing or planned experiments, project timelines, ability to meet deliverables, etc.) contact DSP at [log in to unmask]  for guidance.  Sponsors are inviting communications but please make sure [log in to unmask] is copied or contacted first. Assuming you are unable to get prior approval for changes, we suggest you document the impacts and load this information into UFIRST.  If you need assistance, email [log in to unmask] and we will ensure this information is loaded for you.


The federal-wide grant policy organization, OMB, has announced that federal agencies are allowed to be flexible during this time.  See:  Please note that each agency now has to extend these flexibilities in their own systems and procedures.  Please follow: where we will load updates as we are made aware.   


Proposal Deadlines: While we have been hearing of flexibility from some sponsors, don’t assume any extension or deviations from posted deadlines.  Double check sponsor site directly for confirmation.  Email [log in to unmask] with any specific questions on pending proposals.


We caution you that each sponsor is different.  Each will make determinations about proposal deadline extensions, reporting extensions and other flexibilities different than the next.  Please review the sponsor websites and guidance.  If you are unsure, please email Stephanie Gray at [log in to unmask] whose team can assist with navigating your needs relative to the sponsors situation.  


Frequent questions:  

Can I pay my research staff during this time? As long as there is benefit to the project, then regardless of the location where those duties are performed, salaries can be charged.  Some allowable activities may include data analysis, preparation of articles and papers based on the analysis of the research findings, monitoring subrecipients, updating protocols, etc.  Our primary federal guidance at 200.430(h)(I) states: “...writing reports and articles, developing and maintaining protocols (human, animals, etc.), managing substances/chemicals, managing and securing project-specific data, coordinating research subjects, participating in appropriate seminars, consulting with colleagues and graduate students, and attending meetings and conferences.”   

Do I still need prior approval for changes in scope, rebudgeting, and other changes?  Yes. While agencies will grant flexibility, don’t assume the process.  Email [log in to unmask] with your project id, impact and questions. 


See UF-wide guidance regarding accessing UF locations, travel and more at: 

See Clinical Research guidance at: 

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