Travel that would otherwise have met allowability criteria for a sponsored project will continue to be an allowable charge in the scenarios outlined below provided:

*         Every attempt is made to minimize costs by cancelling travel arrangements and negotiating refunds.

*         These efforts along with the reason for cancelling the travel must be documented.

*         Documentation should be added to the expense report and can include published cancellation/refund policies, summary of conversations, event cancellation notices, travel restriction notices, e-mails from travelers expressing their concerns and desire to cancel travel as a result etc.

In the event credits for future use are issued in lieu of a refund, charges should be moved to a non-sponsored project source.


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Subject: University-Authorized Travel Expenses and Cancellations

To provide additional support to university travelers after the World Health Organization's declaration of a global health emergency due to the spread of COVID-19, the following policies concerning University of Florida travel have been enacted:

  *   All pre-purchased university-authorized expenses related to conferences that are canceled due to the coronavirus will be reimbursed.

  *   All pre-purchased university-authorized expenses for travel to a destination in an area with numerous outbreaks will be reimbursed, regardless of whether the event is canceled, if the traveler has health concerns or is otherwise concerned with travel.

  *   When canceling pre-purchased expenses such as airfare, all attempts should be made to acquire credits that can used against future UF travel.

  *   Please provide thorough explanations of the circumstances surrounding all cancellations or requests for reimbursement in the supporting documentation.

As a reminder, all university-sponsored travel to China, Iran, Japan, Italy, and South Korea should be canceled.  That includes any travel that is funded by external agencies administered through the Division of Sponsored Research or the UF Foundation. For more UF-related information about COVID-19, go to