From the UF Office of the University Registrar:
Spring/Summer 2020 Degree Reminders and Tips


Hello, Graduate Coordinators and Staff!

I hope this email finds you all well on this Monday afternoon! Based on some of the questions we’ve received and new information that has gone out, I wanted to send out this email with a few reminders and tips as the Spring term draws to a close and Summer begins shortly after.



·       The order for diplomas will be placed, as normal, following certification. If you haven’t already, please email your students reminding them to verify that they have the most up to date address on their degree application. This is where we will be sending the diplomas.

·       For any student that may be providing an international address: shipping internationally may encounter some issues so any student that can should consider using a US address whenever possible.

Spring Final Certification

·       We will be completing this process remotely, so it is important that we are able to get in contact with you as needed. Our primary means of communication will be email and skype messaging. If you would prefer we contact you by phone, please respond to this email by Monday, May 4th with the contact number you would like us to use.

·       Please be sure to log in to the certification system and verify that you have the access you need to properly complete your certifications for the term. If you have already been given the role, you will still need additional access set up by me. The college level coordinator can contact me directly to establish needed access.

·       I recommend reviewing your lists as early as possible to get a head start on any potential issues you may encounter.

Summer Applications

·       In the degree certification system

§  Summer A lists are accessed by setting the term to 2205 and the session to ‘Six Wk 1’

§  Summer B/C lists are accessed by setting the term to 2205 and leaving the session field blank.

·       Applications submitted by students are manually synced into the degree certification system each morning. If a student tells you they have submitted an application, please allow at least 24 hours for it to be synced to the system.

·       Graduate students will only have the option to apply for ‘August Graduation’ – this holds true to normal practice.

·       The deadline for students to submit their Summer B/C application has changed to June 29th.

·       I will send out the email with the important dates and deadlines for the Summer at the start of the term.


·       If you have new staff that have started and are unfamiliar with the Campus Solutions system, please encourage them to review the information on the Toolkit Resource Center. We try to keep these as up to date and comprehensive as possible.

·       There is also a toolkit available for students using One.UF. This includes a step-by-step guide for how a student would submit a degree application.

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns at [log in to unmask].




Rochelle Jones
Coordinator of Student Records and Degrees   
Office of the University Registrar
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