Hi Stacey,

Iím going to start by confirming that youíre talking about CLEP testing offering through the College Board ( ) typically taken by students to test out of standard classes into which they would otherwise to be placed as a freshman based upon their college placement exams?  They also are often used by non-traditional college students with substantial real world experience to gain college credits for their working knowledge.

Iím asking for clarification just because I am not sure why high school students would typically be taking them before their college placement exams, but maybe you are planning ahead.

I own a testing center that serves as a CLEP center in Connecticut. While we are presently closed under the governorís mandate through May 20th, I can only tell you that our testing center and most others nationally for CLEP plan to be up and running with these exams as soon as that restriction is lifted. It would give students three months or longer to test before fall classes begin, which is why I would gather the College Board isnít providing an online alternative.

When youíre talking about other standardized testing that needs to occur so schools can decide whether or not to admit students, itís a much earlier deadline that falls during the shut down period.

I think youíll find most of the centers already have protocols prepared to protect test takers in terms of partitions between stations and seating people far apart. I know my company offers three different testing rooms, so if weíre not well utilized people can basically have their own room, which we would disinfect after each use as we will each station after its use and headphones and such.

I know itís not quite what youíre asking, but I figured itís worth mentioning why the College Board likely has not announced alternative testing formats.

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Subject: Alternative Options to CLEP Testing - Graduating Seniors

Hello Colleagues,

Our universityís Testing Services are located in our Academic Success Center, and thus we are not offering such services in our remote offerings.  We have been able to provide alternatives to students for what we offer, with exception to CLEP testing.  CLEP has not provided an online test and alternative centers are closed.  For our graduating seniors, this has been a challenge.  I am reaching out to see how other institutions are handling this situation regarding CLEP and requirements for graduating seniors?

Thank you for any feedback provided.



Dr. Stacey Davis

Assistant Dean, Academic Services

The University of Tampa Ė Academic Success Center

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