Hi friends,


Just in case you don’t have enough going on with e-everything in your life…National Student Employee Appreciation Week is April 13-17! So much for our old standbys….coffee…doughnuts….candy…coffee…


We don’t have any really great ideas yet, just the possibility of a JibJab-type dance video or some other template where we can upload pix of our faces onto crazy dancers…that type of thing.


Anyway, just wanted to start the thread in case you need a new project on a FRIDAY!!!!


PS—Keep submitting your GREAT. NEW. IDEAS for The Shake@SaltLake Conference 2020 in Salt Lake City! If you weren’t thinking out of the box before, you surely are now!


From my cloud to yours,




Lindy Coleman

NCLCA Vice President and Conference Chair 2020

Director, Center for Student Learning

College of Charleston

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