Good morning everyone. I hope this rainy day is treating you well.

UFHR Training and Organizational Development is offering some additional remote professional development sessions starting the week of April 13. There are a variety of topics being offered and space will be limited. To participate, employees will register in myTraining.

All of the class listings and registration buttons can be found on a new web page, Keep Growing.

Gwynn Cadwallader is teaching two 1-hour beginning sessions.

April 15 from 1-2pm - Strategy Sharing Session

Collaborating in Microsoft Teams (limit 50 people)

Collaboration happens everywhere, from in-person meetings to catch-ups in the hall. Since these opportunities-both formal and informal-have moved online, Microsoft Teams can bring a much-needed structure to our remote-work experience. There will be time for sharing strategies that are working for each of us.

April 17 from 1-2 - Webinar

Using Planner for Effective Virtual Meetings (limit 300 people)

No longer can you walk down the hall to glance at your coworker's whiteboard, the one with all the projects and goals or pop by for a brief conversation. In this session, we will share a structure for quick, effective team meetings and demonstrate how these "stand-up" meetings work hand-in-hand with Planner. Learn how to effectively stay connected with your co-workers and track the work in your area.

Hope to "see" you online,