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From: Stroud,Lisa C
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Subject: UFIRST Update May 1, 2020


The UFIRST update on Friday evening, May 1, 2020 at 6:00pm will implement changes across certain modules of UFIRST. Please visit our website at for a more detailed list and additional information on these issues.


UFIRST will be available again Friday May 1, 2020 at 10:00pm.


The most significant changes will impact the award and award modification modules.


There is a new question on page 7.0 Compliance Review - Q2.0(b). This new question will always need answered, on new awards and on modifications when the Compliance page is exposed, even if the answer to Live Vertebrate Animals is ‘No’.  DSP will work with departments on a case by case basis to manage awards and modifications in flight that will be impacted by this change.


We are also implementing a new ‘Miscellaneous Donor Check’ Modification type. This Financial modification subtype is only available when the sponsor category of the award is identified as Miscellaneous (this includes sponsors like: Miscellaneous Donor and Multiple Sponsors), and allows for increased data collection and an abbreviated workflow. *If you have a check for your Miscellaneous Donor award please use this new Modification type*. Create a new Modification as normal, then on Q2.0, select ‘Financial’ and ‘Miscellaneous Donor or Multiple Sponsor Cash Received/Budget Increase’. Attachments and other information will also be entered on P1.0.


Selecting this subtype exposes page Modification page 3.4 where the Sponsor or Donor, check number and total check amount will be entered. This mod type has also removed several pages from the normal Mod workflow, abbreviating the process substantially.


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Additionally, across all worklists, we added Principal Investigator (or Project Manager) last name and first name column for improved searching and award/project identification.


Please email [log in to unmask] with any issues and requests for future enhancements.






Lisa Stroud

Associate Director, UF Sponsored Programs
University of Florida
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