This is a super, super Twitter thread that nicely illustrates the problem of using survival analysis to predict positive outcomes (e.g., time to recovery). He does a great job in the first few tweets of reminding you what the data structure of a time-to-event data set looks like, and then promptly illustrates the problem when applied to something like “time to recovery” from COVID. 

I know you’re not in my class anymore, and I won’t keep sending messages forever, but I also am unable to just turn off my teacher brain :-).


Andrew Althouse
The NEJM compassionate-use remdesivir data was always sort of a "passing curiosity while we await trial data" but it's disappointing that the analysis was done wrong.

But, it offers an opportunity for a teachable moment about "time-to-event" analysis of non-mortality outcomes.
5/21/20, 9:13 AM

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