Hi all: I hope you're enjoying the break.


I had fallen a little behind on the R-supplement stuff. For each week, I had posted in-class assignment code and data, but I hadn't been able to complete the video explanations or the empty shells. I've now posted the missing video narrations (weeks 12-14), and I'm hoping to do the empty shells in the weeks to come. 


As a side note, I'm working on a project to make R-coding a bit more SPSS like. It is empty how, but you can see what I'm going for at


On the left side, you'll see menu options that more or less map onto SPSS​'s organization (Data, Transform, Analyze, Graph). As the summer progresses, my hope is to paste in R code that accomplishes each function, and a data example ... to simulate some of the point-and-click experience for people who plan to transition to coding. This will be an ongoing work in progress, but it may make using R a little easier for some of you.



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