Thank you for exploring this possibility. I am a big proponent of wearing masks, but I have friends who are severely asthmatic for whom it is problematic.

I’d also encourage people to keep in mind that there are requests that will be coming in from victims of domestic violence, particularly those who have experience strangulation as part of the violence.

Unfortunately, I have a few friends who endured many years of this type of violence before escaping. They’ve been dealing with substantial emotional trauma from the anger directed towards them in the last few months when they have gone out without masks. They are fully incapable of having anything near their mouth or neck without a panic attack.

Please be kind to such people when they show up on your campus.

Debbie Malewicki, President
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Subject: Exemptions for mask wearing?

Hello All,
I've been asked if we have any guidance regarding students, staff and faculty for whom wearing a mask may contribute to an exacerbation of a condition, or interfere with their ability to access or engage in learning, living on campus, or participating otherwise.
While the plan is to use similar procedures regarding other accommodations: interactive process, request for accommodation, review, etc., a suggestion has been made that the exempted person be given a different ID band than others (all people who enter campus will have been 'processed' with temperature readings and given a band to say they'd been screened and permitted on campus), to show that they'd been exempted from mask wearing in an effort to minimize the numbers of times they might be confronted about not wearing one.
What say you all? Is there guidance you might point to for this?
Thank you in advance for your thoughts.

Jacqueline M. Smith
Director: Disabilities Services Office
Carlow University
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