Dear Writing Center Professionals,

We’d like to invite your students and tutors to submit to Balancing Student
Stories of Scholarship and Self Discovery in Writing Center Spaces. This
project is a work-in-progress anthology on students’ perspectives of
scholarship and self-discovery, in the writing center both before and
during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is our hope that by sharing these
narratives of finding voice, inclusivity, community, accessibility,
confidence, inspiration, motivation, or lack thereof in the writing center
during times of uncertainty, we can help bring awareness to how pockets of
academic support can serve as the nucleus for students’ sense of community
and self that can extend beyond university and/or college life.

If you could share this opportunity with your students and tutors, we’d be
grateful. Publisher details will be coming soon, but in the meantime we’ll
be looking to begin collection of personal narratives. As a contributor
sharing your voice, we ask you to consider the following questions with
your stories of the writing center both before and during the COVID-19
pandemic, and to explore and reflect upon  the diversity (i.e. academic
discipline, race, gender, spoken language, and sexual orientation) of your
experience with/in the center. Personal narratives can explore the
following questions/topics in our time of uncertainty. You are free to use
a prompt below, or submit a piece based on your own thoughts and ideas.

For more about editors Dr. Max Orsini and Loren Kleinman and their
scholarly and creative backgrounds, visit and .

Thank you and we look forward to reading students’ work.

Guidelines are attached to this email. Please feel free to distribute.

Please email us if you have any questions.

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