Hello all,

This may be new on the minds of some, but I'm curious if anyone has resources they're willing to share.  We're looking for best practices and info sharing for the following:

-Helpful guidelines to handle unexpected or inappropriate behavior/appearance/background during online assistance - for both peer tutors/writing consultants and also academic coaches working with students.

-Matching expectations and policies for in person vs online assistance. (ex. Do you record online and in person tutor sessions or just one delivery method.  If only for one version, which one and what's the reasoning/how do you manage student and tutor expectations of the different policies?

-At this time our campus will be operating in-person for classes, but we're looking to keep much of our department services, like tutoring, writing assistance, and even potentially some academic coaching/counseling online.  Have you created department guidelines or been given university guidelines on managing students walking into departments with questions or requests for meetings? Our spaces are relatively small so once a couple people are inside, we're trying to figure out how to manage additional walk-in's and situations like that.

Thanks in advance for any sharing.  And, I'm happy to collect responses that aren't forwarded to the whole group.  Just email me asking for the info [log in to unmask].

Thanks again.
Meredith Weber

Meredith Weber
Assistant Director
Academic Achievement Center


One Seton Hill Drive
Greensburg, PA 15601
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