Good Morning,

Thanks for those who participated yesterday. As I initially sent out the wrong link, I made something simple - difficult. The survey kept getting edited as people tried to answer based on my first email.  I took it down as it was getting edited every time someone answered on the first link.

This is what I did gather:

78 responses
26 Private
46 Public
6 Unknown (survey compromised so I didn't know what X meant)

Type of Tutoring this Fall
35 Both face to face and online/remote
36 Online Only/remote
1 face to face only
6 No Decision Yet - Unknown

35 Both Face to Face and Online/Remote
18 Public School
16 Private School
1 Unknown

36 Online/Remote Only Tutoring
24 Public School
7 Private School
5 Unknown (data compromised)


  Julie A. Hall
   Director, Academic Support Center

   Disability Resource Office
   Aurora University
   (630) 844-5454           [log in to unmask]

Tutoring Appointments: 

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