Hi Victoria,
   We use WCOnline as our scheduling and online tutoring platform. It tracks individuals and groups, depending on how the schedules are set up. It is relatively easy to administer. There is a very well organized support manual and live chat assistance. Currently, the cost is approx. $800/year. We share that with our University Writing Center. Each program can set up their own schedules. There are some universal settings that must be agreed upon, but it has not posed any difficulties.
   The students must register with the system. We require students to register using their institutional e-mail address, so we know that they are our students and we can track them (grades, retention, etc.) in our Peoplesoft student data system.
   Hope this helps to inform your decision. I'd be happy to communicate with you if you have questions.
Lynn Schmitz
Asst. Dir. of ACCESS for Peer Assisted Learning (PAL)
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Subject: Tutoring Software


We’ve been using homegrown software to track our tutoring center usage for years. It’s worked, but real time reporting is cumbersome and not tied to student success in any way. When we went online we couldn’t use this system and we’ve been limping by manually. I’ve recently gotten approval to look for tutoring software and have scheduled a demo with TutorTrac. I have so many questions.

·       Are there other tutoring specific software that I should schedule a demo for?

For users of TutorTrac

·       Does TutorTrac create attendance records with virtual tutoring?

o   If so, is it a download per session or is attendance added to a database?

o   Do students have to sign in before entering the online tutoring session?

o   Is the process different for group tutoring sessions?

o   Does the video conference choice impact tracking attendance? We have access to Zoom, MS Teams, and GoToMeeting.

·       What are the things you wish you could change with TutorTrac?

·       How easy / difficult was it to set up so TutorTrac talks to Banner?

·       Do students have to register to attend a tutoring session?

·       Does it really only work with Internet Explorer or Firefox?

·       Can TutorTrac easily differentiate between different types of tutoring services? Study Groups, Small Group Drop-in Tutoring, One-on-One appointments for navigating tutoring services, workshops, etc….

Thank you!


Victoria J Bennett

Director, Learning Commons / Washtenaw Community College

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