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Networks are ubiquitous in natural, technological and social systems. They
offer a fertile framework for understanding and controlling the diffusion
of ideas, rumors, and infectious diseases of plants, animals and humans.
Despite recent advances, many challenging scientific questions remains
about the correct tools and their practical role in epidemics dynamics and
effective strategies supporting public health decision making. The goal of
this special issue is to offer a platform to the interdisciplinary
community of scientists working on the diffusion process on networks and
its plethora of applications. We hope for a broad range of topics to be
covered, across theory, methodology, and application to empirical data with
a special emphasis on epidemic spreading. Topics of interest include but
are not limited to theoretical aspects, algorithms, methods, and fields of
applications, as:

·       Mobility & Epidemics

·       Meta population models

·       Diffusion in structured populations

·       Emerging infectious diseases models

·       Multi-host transmission

·       Multi-pathogen / multi-strain interaction in humans, animals and

·       Interacting spreading processes

·       Spreading phenomena on multilayer networks

·       Awareness & epidemic spreading

·       Opinions/Ideas/Beliefs diffusion

·       Multi-host / Multi-pathogen transmission

·       Multilayer networks in epidemiology and ecology

·       Multi-species population dynamics models

·       Dynamics of infectious diseases of humans

·       Dynamics of infectious diseases of livestock

·       Dynamics of infectious diseases of plants

·       Dynamics of infectious diseases of wildlife

·       Immunization strategies

·       Global and public health aspects of control and prevention

·       Infectious disease surveillance

·       Forecasting of Pandemic Outbreak using Machine Learning

·       Pandemic spread inhibition with IoT based Machine Learning Systems

·       Emerging technologies for handling Pandemic Challenges

·       Effect of Pandemic at Economy

·       Diffusion of information and innovations

·       Memes

Survey and review papers are welcome.

Important dates

Expression of interest and abstract submission: July 10, 2020
Abstract feedback notification:  July 13, 2020
Paper submission deadline: September 21, 2020
Target publication: November 01, 2020

Papers are published upon acceptance, regardless of the Special Issue
publication date.

Submission Instructions

We invite authors to submit a brief expression of interest containing a
short outline or extended abstract (approx. 1000 words), including the
topic, key concepts, methods, expected results, and conclusions.

Abstracts should be submitted via easy chair to ANSEDC20 (Applied Network
Science: Special Issue on Epidemics Dynamics & Control on networks) at the

They will be reviewed to determine if the submission is in the scope of
this special issue.

Authors with accepted abstracts will be invited to submit their papers
through the journal submission system for a full review and publication.

The Lead guest editor

Matjaž Perc [log in to unmask]

*University of Maribor, Slovenia*

The Guest editors (TBU)

Hocine Cherifi *University of Burgundy, France*

Joel C Miller *La Trobe University, Australia*

Chiara Poletto *Inserm, France*

Giulio Rosseti *University of Pisa, Italy*

Onur Varol *Northeastern University, USA*

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