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Let’s start with a comparison to “Inquisit Web”. The most fundamental difference here, which is also the main advantage of Labvanced, is that Labvanced runs natively in any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari), and on any device (PC, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet) without the need for the participant to install a plugin. Most internet users and potential participants will not install the Inquisit plugin and hence with Labvanced you have access to a much larger audience / participant base with your experiment. The second main difference is that Labvanced offers a graphical UI editor to create your experiment, while still being able to implement the most advanced studies, with features, such as, automatic video audio presentation, audio (and soon also video) recordings, longitudinal studies, webcam based eyetracking, multi-participants experiments and much more. A third major advantage is that the Labvanced source code is open source  and we also have an open access library  with hundreds of existing studies where researchers freely share and import studies (for template use, or review for instance).  Also Labvanced offers live chat support and great email support with regard to the study implementation, in case there are any questions. 


Now what’s the main difference to Qualtrics? Qualtrics functionality is mainly focused around the creation of questionnaires. While slightly more complex use cases might be possible there, it is not comparable to what you can do with Labvanced. In particular with the Labvanced event system you can create the most sophisticated experiment logic, using array operations, variable changes as triggers to execute other events, advanced balancing mechanism (e.g. balance levels of one factor within each level of another factor), interactions between multiple participants in the same study, and much much more. In short, many studies can just not be realized with Qualtrics but with Labvanced they can. Finally, the points regarding being open source and providing a vast experiment library for templates are also advantages compared to Qualtrics. 


Of course there are many more differences in the details, but I hope this will give you a high level comparison of Labvanced compared to other platforms. If you are interested in further exploring our platform I would be happy to offer you a Skype or Hangouts demo at your convenience. 

Leah Lee

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