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Dear Socnetters,

The Special Issue of Poetics on 'Discourse, Meaning, and Networks: Advances
in Socio-Semantic Analysis' we co-edited with Ron Breiger, Iina Hellsten,
John Mohr, and Johanne Saint-Charles is now officially available online: .

See the table of contents below.

Best wishes,

'*Discourse, Meaning, and Networks: Advances in Socio-Semantic Analysis'.
Poetics. 78. 2020.*

*Socio-semantic and other dualities*

*Nikita Basov, Ronald Breiger, Iina Hellsten*

*Political discussion and debate in narrative time: the Florentine Consulte
e Pratiche, 1376–1378*

*John F. Padgett, Katalin Prajda, Benjamin Rohr, Jonathan Schoots*

*Conflict and revolt in the name of unity: Florentine factions in the
Consulte e Pratiche on the cusp of the Ciompi Revolt*

*Jonathan Schoots, Benjamin Rohr, Katalin Prajda, John F. Padgett*

*Relating social and symbolic relations in quantitative text analysis. A
study of parliamentary discourse in the Weimar Republic*

*Jan Fuhse, Oscar Stuhler, Jan Riebling, John Levi Martin*

*Sociocultural mechanisms of conflict: Combining topic and stochastic
actor-oriented models in an analysis of Afghanistan, 1979–2001*

*Daniel Karell, Michael Freedman*

*The ambivalence of cultural homophily: Field positions, semantic
similarities, and social network ties in creative collectives*

*Nikita Basov*

*N-mode network approach for socio-semantic analysis of scientific

*Iina Hellsten, Tobias Opthof, Loet Leydesdorff*

*Social centralization and semantic collapse: Hyperbolic embeddings of
networks and text*

*Li Linzhuo, Wu Lingfei, Evans James*

*In appreciation of John Mohr*

*Robin Wagner-Pacifici, Ronald Breiger*

*Duality and relationality: The cultural matrix of John W. Mohr*

*Paul DiMaggio*

*The socio-semantic space of John Mohr*

*Camille Roth, Nikita Basov*


Dr. Nikita Basov
Senior researcher in Sociology, St. Petersburg University
Scientific Manager, Centre for German and European Studies, St. Petersburg
University - Bielefeld University
+7 812 324 08 85 .

*Recent papers:*

*Basov N., Breiger, R., and Hellsten, I. (2020) ‘Socio-Semantic and other
< >
Poetics. *

*Roth, C. and Basov, N. (2020). ‘The Socio-Semantic Space of John Mohr
< >’.

*Basov, N., de Nooy, W., and Nenko, A. (2019) Local Meaning Structures: A
Socio-Semantic Network Analysis of Artistic Collectives
< >. American
Journal of Cultural Sociology. *

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