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Hi, Jürgen. 

I’ve attended Laval Virtual World and iLRN which both use Virbela. 

I’ve heard good things about Mozilla Hubs, which IEEE VR pivoted to on a dime (from Atlanta to online in a fortnight).  

Even if we don’t opt for wholly immersive solutions, I encourage you to read and listen to this podcast post https://voicesofvr.com/912-virtual-conference-lessons-learned-from-ieee-vr-2020/ . It provides a good overview of what works and what needs to be tuned when going virtual, eg creating threshold spaces, avoid zoombie syndrome…


Marc Idelson (伊丹森)

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Hello Socnetters,

As we are approaching the Virtual Sunbelt 2020, we would like to reach out =
to you with a very specific questions. Some of you have probably already pa=
rticipated in virtual conferences in the last couple of months. Do you have=
positive experience with tools that support networking and soci
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