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Brandeis HackMyPhD is going virtual for the month of July. It is open to students, post-docs and alumni from Graduate Career Consortium schools, of which University of Florida is a member. There is no cost to participate.

HackMyPhD is an introduction to entrepreneurship and startups for PhDs and Postdocs in STEAM fields.

Learn how the skills you gain while completing your PhD are transferable and valuable beyond the lab and classroom. Through the inspiring stories, actionable advice, and informative sessions, participants understand what an entrepreneurial path entails and specific steps to undertake to pursue that path.

HackMyPhD gathers graduate students and postdocs to inspire design thinking through different lenses. Chemistry researchers have the chance to collaborate with arts students. Economics PhDs work alongside their sustainability counterparts.
This event runs from July 8, 2020 through July 29, 2020. For registration, agenda, and more details, visit HackMyPhD< >.