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Rising to the Challenge:

Navigating COVID-19 as Higher Education Learning Center Leaders


Calling all higher education learning center leaders, The Learning Assistance Review, the peer-reviewed journal of the National College Learning Center Association, is open for submissions for a special issue, “Rising to the Challenge: Navigating COVID-19 as Higher Education Learning Center Leaders.”




The COVID-19 crisis affected higher education and changed how we operated this spring, forcing us to innovate as we developed new ways to reach students and support our college communities. Those changes will likely continue to challenge us this summer and into the fall.


NCLCA is a supportive community that works and supports each other because we’ve cultivated a welcoming atmosphere. Although someone wiser than me once said, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” that indicates we’re resting on our laurels. We shouldn’t. Higher education is always changing.


The Special Issue


You may have seen a call for input from the editors of the Writing Lab Newsletter: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship to share stories about how Writing Centers responded to the crisis. NCLCA is focused on the leadership of learning assistance centers and programming. To that extent, we now ask for your stories, vignettes, and anecdotes about how you, your center, your employees, or your institution met this challenge.


This isn’t a request for research. We’re looking for writing that helps us reflect on your role as a leader in this moment we’re living in. Share your creativity and your ingenuity, your fears and your stress, and your stories of success.


Your story can be a few lines, a page, or dozens of pages. Be personal or distant. We don’t mind. We’re particularly interested in how learning center leaders rose to the challenge to ensure learning support continued during the crisis.


We’ll create a special issue that we’ll publish online in August and distribute it to our members in PDF format.


Due Date


July 31, 2020


What to Send


·         Your story

·         A photo of you

·         A short 50-word biography


Where to Send Your Work


Submit your story to Michael Frizell, Editor, TLAR at [log in to unmask]



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Michael Frizell

Chair, Past Presidents Council

Editor, The Learning Assistance Review

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