Good morning. Several months ago I sent out a survey asking about the impact of COVID-19 on the amount of students using your services. I apologize for the delay in sending out the results. If you are interested in the raw data set (and haven't already requested it), please email me: [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]> .

Here are the basics of the results:

*       30 responses (including ASU)

*       76.7% were from public institutions

*       76.7% were also 4-year institutions

*       The graphic for enrollment was as follows:

[cid:[log in to unmask]]

*       In terms of types of services:

o   90% have subject area tutoring

o   53.3% have writing tutoring

o   60% have SI or its equivalent

o   53.3% have mentoring/coaching

*       Pre-COVID-19, 53.3% offered services only in-person and 43.3% offered a combination of in-person and online. Everyone move to online 100%.

o   46.7% offered both synchronous and asynchronous services

o   50% only offered synchronous

*       In terms of the change of traffic, the responses were varied:

o   Almost 30% of those who offered writing tutoring had more than a 10% decrease in traffic.

o   More than 70% of those who offered subject area tutoring saw more than a 10% decrease.

o   Roughly 50% of those with SI saw a 10% or more decrease.

o   There were a few schools who did see an increase.

Thank you for your patience in receiving this information. Thank you to everyone who completed the survey.

Best wishes for the start of your fall semester.


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