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Multimode networks and projections: Methods and applications
15 July 2020 @ 10am – 2pm EDT (New York)

NOTE: Due to a session scheduling miscommunication, this session does not appear in the online Sunbelt schedule. However, I promise it will include everything you’ve come to know and love about Sunbelt!

The session is free and open to everyone, including both INSNA members and non-members, although non-members are encouraged to join INSNA here. No pre-registration is necessary; just click the link above to join us on Wednesday, July 15 at 10am EDT.

SESSION 1: Methodological advances in bipartite networks and projections
10:00 EDT
Brian Aronson, Kaicheng Yang, Brea Perry, Yong-Yeol Ahn, and Meltem Odabaş
Comparing Measures of Centrality in Bipartite Social Networks: A Study of Doctor Shopping for Opioid Analgesics

10:20 EDT
Demival Vasques Filho and Dion O'Neale
Transitivity and degree assortativity explained: The bipartite structure of social networks

10:40 EDT
Rachel Domagalski, Zachary Neal and Bruce Sagan
Backbone: An R package for extracting the backbone of bipartite projections

11:00 EDT
Zachary Neal, Rachel Domagalski and Bruce Sagan
Validating backbones of bipartite projections

11:20 EDT
David Schoch
Projecting Signed Two-mode Networks

BREAK @ 11:40 EDT

SESSION 2: Empirical insights from bipartite and multipartite networks
12:00 EDT
Mégane Fernandez
The geography of scientific production and networks. An analysis of geography congresses in reunified Germany

12:20 EDT
François Briatte and Marion Maisonobe
Analysing scientists’ co-participation to panels in conferences: a new avenue to explore academic socialities

12:40 EDT
Delio Lucena-Piquero
Socio-cognitive groupings in knowledge networks: a methodological proposal

13:00 EDT
Brea Perry, Meltem Odabaş, Kai-Cheng Yang, Byungkyu Lee, Patrick Kaminski, Brian Aronson and Yong-Yeol Ahn
New means, new measures: Assessing prescription drug seeking indicators over ten years of the opioid epidemic

13:20 EDT
Giancarlo Ragozini, Maria Prosperina Vitale and Giuseppe Giordano
Multimode networks for the analysis of mobilty networks

13:40 EDT
Ann Mische and Michelle Sawwan
Funding Scenarios for the Future: A Bipartite Analysis of Organizational Actors in Future Scenario Processes
Zachary Neal, PhD
Associate Professor, Michigan State University
Twitter: @zpneal
Zoom: Click here

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