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Hello everyone,

Recently a new feature was added to the Labvanced research platform for psychological studies and user experience studies, which is video recording. Video recording can be done using the regular computer webcam or mobile camera, and the video recording session will be stored securely on our server.

There are of course plenty of use cases for recording/obtaining video data. But to provide some ideas/ uses cases you can use the video recording data to:

a) Analyze the emotional / subjective response towards certain stimuli or tasks. For instance the video could post-hoc be analyzed with machine learning techniques to detect the face and consequently categorize the emotional response of the participants.

b) be used as a control measure to see whether the participants were paying attention to the task, and also whether "environmental conditions" during the recording were appropriate (not too bright or dark, not too loud, alone in a room etc.).


So if you are a researcher in  psychology, neuroscience, or even marketing or some related field, Labvanced offers a powerful platform, to record any kind of data that you need, now also including video data. With us you can create your study easily and smoothly without the need to waste your time in complex coding.

Also, we offer licenses for any use case from a single study to licenses for whole departments and organizations. If you are interested in video recordings or any other feature of our platform we are glad to offer you  a free demo. Just write me a few lines via email to

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Best regards,
Leah Lee
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