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Twitter is cracking down on Qanon. They are going through that "community"
with a fine tooth comb, eliminating a lot of the problem. No more trends,
no more convo/search highlights, and blocking Qanon related web sites. 

I just took a look at our data on this topic. We have:

43.9m tweets from 2.75m unique accounts that used one of ninety one
associated hashtags.

2.2m tweets from 705k accounts associated with forty one reporters that
were on a Qanon "hit list".

900k tweets involving 933k accounts that interacted with forty seven Qanon
believers who were running for Congress.

781k tweets from 165k accounts labeled "qdev" from ninety seven accounts
that one of our analysts picked out as being key to the movement.

19.4k tweets and 83.7k accounts involved in the QanonAnonymous podcast's
five core contributors.

776k tweets from 143k accounts that participated in the Mike Flynn-centric
#TakeTheOath #DigitalSoldiers stuff.

2.4m tweets from 255k accounts that interacted with Mike Flynn and his
close associates.

102m tweets from 3.27m accounts that interacted with the eighteen attendees
of the July 2018 White House Media Summit

We are going to export this content in "dehydrated" form, just Twitter user
and tweet numeric IDs, as we did with the Legislators Twitter Followers
Census. It'll be on Figshare once it becomes available, which is going to
take some days. 

We employ Elasticsearch to manage this data, we have a clumsy Gephi method
for network analysis, and we're working on integrating ArangoDB to improve
capacity in that area. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to know more.

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