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Dear Socnetters,


As the stable release of the Network Canvas suite draws nearer, we wanted to check in with the wider community, both to share an update and to ask for your help. 


Most importantly, we want to let you know that Network Canvas is still actively in development with new features, usability tweaks, and aesthetic improvements underway. We want to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who has been a part of our user tests, whether at one of our workshops, as a collaborator, or merely an interested potential user.


As we plan our next moves, we wanted to reach out to the wider community of users, academics, and practitioners with a user survey. Our last user survey was three years ago now and was crucial in helping us prioritise features and workflows. We hope you’ll again help us advance our development by telling us what works well, what needs some improvement, and what we can do to make our software more accessible and more widely used.


This survey is designed to be completely anonymous and will not be used in any academic research. However, if you wish to share with us papers, teaching materials, or research grants that include Network Canvas, this information will be handled confidentially and we will contact you personally to follow up if needed. Pre-tests suggest it takes between 6-10 minutes. 


2020 Network Canvas User Survey


Or paste the following link in your browser: https://oii.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8IVGXyZ3TKjR2sd


The Network Canvas stable release is on the horizon, but it is important that we ensure our software is well tested, usable, and compatible with existing packages for analysis, such as UCInet and R. In the meantime, if you have specific research needs where Network Canvas might be involved, do not hesitate to contact us personally at [log in to unmask]


Finally, if you want to test run our public betas or just catch up on our evolving documentation, you can find this at https://www.networkcanvas.com/ 


Many thanks,

The Network Canvas Team 


Kate Banner

Michelle Birkett

Bernie Hogan

Patrick Janulis 

Joshua Melville

Gregory L. Philips II

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