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Hello everyone,


Labvanced offers a very powerful platform that can be the best choice for you to host your Market Research, Consumer Behavior or User Experience studies. Labvanced’s software platform has many state-of-the-art features.

 I would like to quickly introduce Labvanced here (https://www.labvanced.com), a lab based research platform built for creating, sharing and running studies. We have built this platform centered around the needs of marketing experts, meaning that we provide highly accurate timing measures, a very powerful but intuitive graphical editor, and lots of experiment templates in our open access library (https://www.labvanced.com/expLibrary.html). Also, our code is open source on github: https://github.com/Labvanced But what makes Labvanced really stand out against other solutions? For one, besides all standard features such as text, image, audio, and video presentation, we have built very advanced features. For instance: 

Second, all this functionality is built in to an intuitive study builder, so you can create all of that without writing a single line of code. Study creation is completely free and you can even record data for free, we are just limiting the amount per week, in the free tier. If you have any questions regarding study creation we have a great live chat and email support. Also, if you are interested to use our platform, we are happy to provide a free demo. I hope this can be of interest for you.


Best regards, 

Leah Lee

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