In response to user requests, the following changes to MyInvestiGator are being introduced.

1)     [cid:[log in to unmask]] Compact Project Summary header. On opening a project from the projects list, the full header data is automatically truncated, leaving more screen room for budget information. The Project title, Project ID, Sponsor name, PI information and project open/end dates are displayed at all times. To reveal the full Project Summary data, click once on the small down arrow immediately to the left of the project title. (Highlighted in image) To reduce the Project Summary to its compact form, click again once on this same arrow.

2)     [cid:[log in to unmask]] Reorder data columns. Project data columns may now be reordered at will to assist a user in making comparisons. Click on a column header, hold the click, then drag the column to the desired location within the data grid. Please note that at this time the updated column locations persist only as long as the user remains on the same page. On leaving the page, the columns return to their default locations.

3)     Baseline View.  The Baseline View feature displays budget information as reflected in the MyUFL financial tables. Use this feature to compare and contrast while making budget adjustments. [cid:[log in to unmask]] To use Baseline View, click the button at the far left of the project budget grid. (Highlighted in image) A pop-up window opens displaying the source MyUFL budget. Next, open Adjust Budget and make desired changes. Save Adjustments as per previous practice. Also as before, use Restore Source to return the adjusted budget to its original state, i.e. what you see in Baseline View.

    Usage tip: As is typical of pop-up browser windows, Baseline View will remain open until a user closes the window itself using the standard Close button at far top right of the window. The pop-up will not close on its own when closing a MyIG session.

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