Sharing this opportunity for post docs… please pass it along to those who may be interested.



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Good afternoon colleagues,

A super interesting project that will launch postdocs as future faculty with highly relevant professional development is being launched for postdocs and I’m encouraging you to use your knowledge of your college faculty to individually reach out to ideal faculty who have facilitation skills and IDEA experience who may find this opportunity important enough for them to engage in as a Moderator (1hr, same day of each of the 4weeks).



If you have questions beyond the info below and attached, please contact Lily Lewis in the provost office, who is the point of contact.





Request for volunteer moderators: 1st annual Antiracist Action Planning Bootcamp for Early Career Scholars – October 2020


Bootcamp Goal: Provide a space for early career scholars to co-create antiracist action career plans.

Theme: Weaving Antiracist Action into Your Career Plan.

Outcome: Participants will identify specific actions they will take from their individual places of power to promote antiracist ideas and advocate for antiracist policies in their disciplines and institutions. Antiracist action career plans will be published on the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs Website as an open access resources for early career scholars.


Bootcamp Working Groups:  Much of the month’s activities will occur in working groups, where groups of 5-6 postdocs and grad students will co-create antiracist action career plans. Working group sessions will be supplemented with workshops (see attachment to provide inspiration and “tools” to help participants assess their own biases and speak up when they encounter racist ideas and discrimination.

Moderator Role: Attend working group discussions to ensure discussions are inclusive and productive. Offer suggestions and feedback during sessions as appropriate.

Moderator Time commitment: 4 hrs over the course of October 2020 (1 hr/week)

Working Group Scheduling: Moderators will choose the weekly meeting time (1hr; same day/time each week). The Bootcamp application will require applicants to select the working group they want to participate in based on meeting time and moderator. All administrative aspects, including meeting reminders and zoom set-up will be managed by the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.


                If you are willing to volunteer or have any questions please contact [log in to unmask] (or 352-273-4357)



<Antiracist Action Working Group - Program Description.docx>

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