November 2, 2020

Dear Department Chairs and Graduate Coordinators, 

We hope you all are doing well. The Graduate School would like to provide a procedural update for monitoring the Individual Development Plan (IDP) policy formalized in 2017 for all Ph.D. students. This update reflects changes in university’s student information system(s). 

As a reminder, the IDP policy requires three actions to be taken each year, for each Ph.D. student:

  1. All Ph.D. students must create or update an IDP document annually; 
  2. All Ph.D. students must meet with their advisor or Supervisory Committee Chair at least once annually, to review and consider updates to their IDP, and;  
  3. Graduate programs must retain documentation that an IDP exists for each PhD student, and that the noted meeting/update has occurred.  

Programs offering doctoral degrees other than the Ph.D. are free to utilize IDPs as an academic management tool, but the formal requirement is limited to Ph.D. programs and Ph.D. students. 

Effective Fall 2020, the Graduate School will implement a new tracking option for graduate programs to record the satisfaction of the IDP requirements noted above.   

Utilizing the Student Milestone function in the Student Information System, Graduate Coordinators and authorized staff will be able to indicate, in the student’s record, that the required annual meeting between advisor and student has occurred, by inserting the date of the meeting. The Graduate School will take two actions to initiate the availability of the milestone: 

  1. Each fall, Graduate Coordinators will receive an email reminder about the need for advisors to create or review an IDP with their new and continuing Ph.D. students, respectively. An HR Toolkit detailing procedural steps is available at, and;  
  2. In addition, a positive service indicator will be applied to the student’s record and will be viewable in ONE.UF, reminding students to confer with their advisor regarding their IDP. 

We continue to support programs and colleges, in creating IDP-friendly policies and events that enable students to better pursue their own long-term development. We recommend visiting our Office of Graduate Professional Development’s website for more detailed information regarding the IDP framework, core competencies, and other campus activities enhancing the doctoral student experience.   

For general questions about IDP and IDP policy, please email Matt Mitterko at [log in to unmask]. For questions about workshops/activities supporting IDP completion, please email Talline Martins at [log in to unmask].

Please let us know if there is any other way that we can support the development of our graduate students’ goals, interests, and values, while they are at UF.  


The Graduate School
University of Florida