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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could provide feedback on an analytical question.
I have longitudinal sociocentric network data of a college class. At each
timepoint (I have network data at 2 timepoints), participants nominate up
to 10 of their friends. I am considering using latent profile analysis to
identify latent groups of people based on their changes in alcohol use
behavior using this data. Specifically, I plan to use average number of
drinks, maximum number of drinks, and number of heavy drinking episodes at
both timepoints to identify latent groups. Is it possible to conduct a
latent profile analysis with social network data? Specifically, is it
possible to account for the interdependence in the data?

Thank you,
Hannah Doucette
*Hannah Doucette, PhD*
T32 NIAAA Postdoctoral Fellow
Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies
Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Brown University School of Public Health

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