Good Morning. I am happy to announce that the UFIRST upgrade is complete, and users can once again use the system.


If you experience any issues, please email us at [log in to unmask]


Thank you for your patience.



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Subject: RE: UFIRST Upgrade THIS WEEKEND Nov 6-9
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A reminder this upgrade is happening THIS WEEKEND – UFIRST will be unavailable from 5:00pm tonight until Monday November 9 at 6:00am.


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Subject: UFIRST Upgrade THIS WEEKEND Nov 6-9



Good Afternoon. UFIRST will be offline and unavailable from Friday November 6, 2020 at 5:00pm until Monday November 9, 2020 at 6:00am in order to implement a Portal Upgrade. This system upgrade is improving the look and feel of UFIRST in several key areas that will benefit campus users and is similar to updating the Operating System on your phone.


Improvements you will see include:


·         Rather than pop-ups on Smartforms, the subpages will now "slide-in".  Note this is only within the Smartform not for activities, which are still pop-ups.  While this reduces the chance that you'll forget to hit ok, this does present a challenge if you want two parts of the Smartform open at the same time.  To achieve this, right click on the left menu page you want to open a second "slide-in" and say open in new [tab or window] depending on your preference.


·         Side navigation bar on the left side, rather than ‘Jump To’ menu - see the ‘Hamburger icon’  

·         ‘Validate’ instead of Hide/show errors in the left menu

·         Continue/save/exit on the bottom of the page only.


·         Continue where you left off feature – takes you right back where you were within the record!

·         Locations where you manage attachments in the Smartforms – ‘Delete’ is no longer an X but instead click on the ellipses […] to bring up administrative options for the attachment.

·         "You're on the same page" note when on the same page in the same record as someone else who also has Edit mode.

·         Once a record becomes active, the Smartform becomes one long page - no need to click forward to move to additional pages.


Please visit our website at for a complete list and additional information on these updates. Email [log in to unmask] with any issues and requests for future enhancements.





Lisa Stroud

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University of Florida
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