I just released grades.  I want to really thank you – most of you were very careful in adhering to APA style, to using that Cilessen and Borch table, to having clear aims/hypotheses. Many of you had well behaved data. A few of you didn’t, and I appreciated the resourcefulness or persistence that some of you used nonetheless. It’s been a great two weeks of reads!


In the process I discovered a few things that make these easier for me to read/grade, so I’m listing them here. Please consider for part 3? These are purely stylistic things:


  1. Double spacing helps tired, aging eyes. A lot.
  2. Using something like Times New Roman 12 (or bigger) or Arial 11 (or bigger), 1 inch margins, and double spacing is a perfect trifecta for readability.
  3. I’m finding it easier to read portfolios where Part 2 is tacked on to the end of Part 1 (the week before).  That reminds me of last week’s stuff. In addition, if you change anything on Part 1 and use tracked changes, that also helps me to see if/how you responded to earlier feedback.


So, for Part 3, if you’d consider tacking Part 3 onto the end of Parts 1 and 2 (with tracked changes for anything you altered in the earlier parts) that would be a big help.  This is the first time I’ve done the papers like this, so I’m still figuring out what works best.


I tried to give detailed feedback to everyone. If you have questions or want to discuss, please get in touch.




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