We have students booking their own appointments and having the choice of online or F2F. We also have a few tutors who are only working online. 

As someone else mentioned, we use subcenters, one for virtual and one for in person. When you add an availability to the schedule, you can choose to set it for only 1 subcenter or set it for ALL. When a student logs in to book an appointment, they have to pick the Center they want to visit (in my case, that includes other centers on campus as well as my two: in person and virtual). Then, when they search, they will only see appointments that are available for the type they picked. An appointment time marked as ALL will show up on either in person or virtual but once it is booked for one type, it will no longer be available for the other type. 

If a student books for virtual and wants to switch to in person, we double check that we have the space and then make the switch on the appointment's "Center" choice. If they want to go from in person to virtual, we don't have an issue with space and so we just make the switch. If a student cancels an appointment, it goes back on the availabilities as it originally was set up, meaning it would go back to being an "ALL" appointment or just tied to a specific center.

I'm also happy to answer questions off the list ([log in to unmask]).

Amy Gaffney

Amy L. H. Gaffney, Ph.D.
Director, Oral Communication Center
Hamilton College

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