We've been offering hybrid services since September.  We created new online subcenters in TutorTrac and renamed our existing tutoring, writing, and coaching subcenters to indicate they are in person.  All of our sessions are by appointment, and most of our staff are doing both online and in-person sessions.  That means most of our tutors, for instance, are assigned to both the Online Tutoring Center and the In-Person Tutoring Center.  When they are creating their 1-on-1 availabilities in TutorTrac, we strongly encourage them to select "ALL" as the subcenter; that way, those times appear in availability searches in both the online center and the in-person center.  We call these "flex" availabilities, and it essentially allows us to have our student clients (who typically schedule their own appointments) to choose whether they want to meet online or in person.  We've also implemented Redrock's Zoom plug-in to facilitate students joining online sessions (by clicking on their appointment in TutorTrac).  There was a bit of a learning curve, but so far it's seemed to generally work well.  I'm happy to chat more privately if you want!

Bruce Epps, M.A.
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Director of Academic Success
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614-236-6461 (Office)
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Blackmore Library 211

Capital University
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Columbus, Ohio 43209-2394

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