Before we moved to online services, our tutors conducted their sessions in
various approved places on campus. The approved places included the
library, a computer lab, or a study space/lounge in a classroom building
(some of our buildings have student lounges where students can set up their
computers, etc). When we shift to having in-person tutoring sessions again,
I imagine that will continue.

We do not have specific designated places in the library or those classroom
buildings. The tutors would contact the students directly to figure out
where to meet. The most often used space was the library and the tutor
would meet the student in the library entrance lounge and go to a
study/group space. (Our tutors wear nametags so their students can find
them for their first session).

While we would love a designated space for tutoring this method has worked
fairly well for us. It gives our tutors and students some flexibility,
which we've found really valuable. Sometimes there are areas in the library
that get very busy and the students struggle with focusing on the tutoring
session. With having that flexibility the tutor can move the sessions to a
quieter/less distracting area by reserving a study room, etc. This also
allows some of our tutors to use some other resources we don't have through
the center. For example, a lot of our anatomy tutors will hold their
sessions during open anatomy lab hours in the lab itself. Additionally, it
allows some flexibility in scheduling sessions, we have a lot of students
that have had challenges finding a time to meet with a tutor based off of
their schedules (between classes and work/family care/etc) but if the tutor
can meet the student in the classroom building right before their next
class it opens up a lot of time where the student doesn't have to be
concerned about travel between buildings.

Our tutoring is set up through one hour weekly appointments that meet at
the same day and time, so this has worked well with the structure of
tutoring that we offer.


On Mon, Mar 22, 2021 at 9:29 AM Lynda Sukolsky <[log in to unmask]>

> Good Morning, everyone.
> I am writing to see if anyone has the following set up for tutoring?
> No dedicated room for tutoring but tutoring stations set up across campus
> in common spaces such as the library or open lounge/study spaces.
> We are brainstorming this idea and would love any feedback positive or
> negative.
> Thank you and happy Monday.
> Lynda Sukolsky
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