Hello everyone,

We are working to start a Peer Mentoring program at our institution and would like to learn from all of you who already have a similar program(s) on your campus. Can you please respond to one or more of the questions below?

We truly appreciate your time and your feedback!!

  *   Are your peer mentors paid or are they volunteers?
  *   If paid, how are they paid (hourly, scholarship, stipend, etc.)?
  *   What population of students get a peer mentor (1st year students, students in a specific program, etc.)?
  *   What is the mentee-mentor ratio?
  *   What is your criteria for selecting peer mentors?
  *   Did you assess the outcomes of the program (such as: increase in retention and/or persistence, students' sense of belonging, academic success, etc.)?
  *   What adjustments did you make in response to the pandemic?
  *   If you are able, can you please share your webpage(s) and/or other relevant documents/resources?
  *   Do you have any recommendations for peer mentoring literature (books, journal articles, websites, etc.)?

Best regards,
Tadiyos Gebre
Director, Academic Enrichment
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