Hi all,


We may have some one-time funding for professional development activities for the upcoming year. I’m familiar with the major professional organizations (CRLA, ACTLA, NCLCA, etc.) and their conferences, summer institutes, etc. Wanted to ask if people had other ideas – particularly professional development trainings that I might bring to our campus (presuming in person training gets back to being a thing sometime in the upcoming year).  We have tutorial, academic coaching, and supplemental instruction programs/staff (we are already current with UMKC training). Also interested in more general professional development trainings/topics (supervisory skills, equity, mental health, etc., etc. – trying to think broadly).


On a related note, in poking around, I see that the National Tutoring Association says they offer on-site training. I confess I am not familiar with them. Any perspectives on that org?


Thanks in advance for any ideas.




Chris Jolly, Ph.D.

Director, The Learning Center

California State University, Long Beach


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