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See the information below regarding nominations for the Richards Award.

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Freeman Award

The INSNA William D. Richards, Jr. Award is given to recognize individuals who have created publicly available social network analysis software without which it would be impossible to study social networks.

The Richards Awardee recognizes awardees for:

  1.  breakthrough thinking in developing social network analysis software that becomes highly valued by the scholarly community;
  2.  the longevity of the software, as its functionality evolves in close correspondence with changes in the field of social network analysis; and
  3.  their dedication in providing this service to the community.

The award winner(s) will be announced at Networks 2021. The Richards Award is a biennial prize of $2500.

Nominations for the 2021 Richards Award are due 7 March 2021.  Please submit nominations here: Richards Award Nominations< >.  For more information go to .

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