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Dear all,

The Mitchell Centre and the Social Statistics Department at the University of Manchester is organising an online seminar on social networks in two weeks.

Gert Stulp from the University of Groningen will talk about his recent work on the measurement of egonetworks in large samples at 4-5pm (BST) on 13 April.

You are all kindly invited to join us at the event. Please see below for details about the talk and registration.

We hope to see many of you in two weeks!

Best wishes,


Dr András Vörös

Lecturer in Social Statistics

University of Manchester

Department of Social Statistics and

Mitchell Centre for Social Network Analysis

HBS G20, Bridgeford Street, Manchester, M15 6FH, UK

Social Statistics Seminars 2020/21 – April Session


Methodological Challenges and Theoretical Opportunities for Collecting Large Personal Networks in Large Samples
Gert Stulp (University of Groningen)

Join us at 4pm (BST) on 13 April 2021!
Registration link: http://bit.ly/socstat0421
Please register using your full name and your email address.



People’s social environment is key in explaining their behaviour and preferences. Unfortunately, obtaining information on the social environment, for instance through collecting personal network data, is difficult and often burdensome to participants. In this talk, I will first report on my experiences with collecting large personal network data (25 alters) from a representative sample of 758 Dutch women. I’ll then address some of the important design choices and reflect on the quality of the data that was gathered. In the second part of the talk, I use these data and simulation studies to address the trade-offs researchers face when designing network studies between the burden to respondents and the reliability of structural and compositional characteristics of networks. In the last part of the talk, I discuss how this study contributes to debates on the usefulness of the concept “friend” and the break-down of kin networks in contemporary populations.


About the speaker

Gert Stulp is an assistant professor at the Department of Sociology of the University of Groningen. He studies causes of the variation in the number of children people have and would like to have, and uses personal network data collection to capture social influences. More information: https://www.gertstulp.com/.



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