MainSpring and GBAS are hosting an impactful event aimed at unveiling UF's MainSpring Site featuring new resources designed to make your life easier!  


You won't want to miss the opportunity to engage in an escape room-like activity while learning what MainSpring has to offer. Join us via Microsoft Teams on March 10, 2021, at 10:00 am.


At the University of Florida, MainSpring is an interconnected community of professionals learning, sharing, and growing together to move the research enterprise forward.  The Together We Drive UF Research initiative within MainSpring was created to connect the diverse community of professionals who reduce the administrative burden for faculty but may not already see themselves as an integrated part of the research enterprise.  


Most administrators engage in research activities, even though you might not feel connected to research. Do you: 

·       Coordinate travel for faculty?  

·       Make purchases that are used for scholarly/research activity?  

·       Distribute employee pay onto any research funding?  

·       Hire faculty or research assistants? 

·       Use research funds for any activity? 

If you do, this event is for you!


 What to expect:

1.      Attend the launch event in the GBAS Virtual Team Training Room on March 10, 10:00 am. No registration is required.

2.       Participate in the escape-room-like activity while socializing with other business and research administrators.

      • It can be helpful to have a camera and microphone, but you can participate using the Chat as well.

3.     Become an integral part of the research support community 


Your professional growth starts now, and this site makes success easy.  We have attached an event calendar invite that you can use to block the time on your calendar for your convenience.


NOTE: You will need access to Microsoft Teams for this event. If you are unfamiliar with Microsoft Teams, we will have staff ready to help you explore.

Teams Training Videos : 

Microsoft Teams Quick Start Video   

GBAS Teams Training April 2020  



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