Primary Research Group has published: Survey of Academic Department Chairs: Pandemic’s Impact on Budgets, Buyouts, Retirements & Tenure, ISBN 978-1-57440-673-3

This report examines how the pandemic has impacted and is likely to impact departmental budgets, hiring and personnel practices across various academic departments in the United States and Canada.  One hundred six department chairs  from 57 colleges and universities provide detailed data on their budgets and on personnel practices such as buyouts, early retirement and tenure promotion.  This 70-page report helps its readers to answer questions such as: how are academic departments adjusting their budgets and spending? Have early retirement offers and buyouts increased?  Will tenure be more difficult to get in the near future? What is the near term future for departmental technology budgets? 

Just a few of this report’s many findings are that: 

•	Departments in business and economics faculties had the grimmest budget outlook for the next year.
•	Canadian faculties were less likely than those from the USA to believe that their department or discipline was treated less well than 
        others at their institutions.
•	Mathematics and statistics departments had the brightest outlook for future budget increases. 
•	A shade more than 11% of survey participants felt that tenure decisions in their departments were likely to be postponed.

Data in the 58-page report is broken out by many variables related to the individual survey participants and their institutions including but not limited to academic department,  host country, tuition level, public/private status, and college type or Carnegie class.

For a table of contents, list of participating institutions, the questionnaire and an excerpt – view the product page for this report at:   

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