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Hi all,
I wanted to pass along the potential project below from Braydon McCormick to see if there was anyone here who might have relevant expertise and be interested in working with him on it; unfortunately I don't have the time at the moment for anything new, so I told him I'd send along to the list.

Were attempting to assess processes and efficiencies of information diffusion between individuals by using two-mode network data analysis.  We have attendance data from hundreds of small-group virtual working sessions and small group presentations (5-25 participants over 2-4 hours) with health care and industry professionals. Much of this data has context with it (such as content, topic, meta data on the individuals, etc) and we may be able to obtain other tangential data (external content used, locations, days, etc).  We believe it may be possible to identify hidden networks and mechanisms to facilitate information spread across these networks. Wed like to find a scientist who can help us assemble the data for analysis and help guide and provide analysis.

If you're interested in discussing the possibility more, you can respond directly to Braydon, cc'ed on this message.


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